The $100M ARR club

Hello and welcome to a lightweight series I’m writing while I recapture my footing at TechCrunch. It’s lovely to be back, and I’m excited to chat about what’s going on with private companies, public markets and the space between the two. I wonder what the average revenue (trailing,

Cemetery Drones And On-Demand Cookies: Meet 500 Startups’ New Batch

Diversity of ideas and founders is the 500 Startups way. So it’s fitting that the accelerator’s 11th Mountain View batch would feature an extraordinarily wide range of companies from those tackling huge problems like recruiting and health in the Arab world,

LA tech industry mourns Kobe Bryant

The Los Angeles startup community is joining the rest of the world in mourning the death of NBA superstar, entrepreneur and investor Kobe Bryant who was killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, Calif.,shortly before 10 a.m. on Sunday. Reports indicate that Bryant,

Currencycloud nabs $80M from Visa, World Bank Group and more for cross-border payment APIs

Sending money from one country to another — either because you are a business paying someone for a service, or a family member working abroad and sending money back home, or something in between — is a huge business, worth some $700 million annually. Today, a London startup called Currencycloud,

Technology is anthropology

The interesting thing about the technology business is that, most of the time, it’s not the technology that matters. What matters is how people react to it, and what new social norms they form. This is especially true in today’s era,

Gauging email success, invite-only app launches and other growth tactics

Julian Shapiro Contributor Share on Twitter Julian Shapiro is the founder of, the growth marketing team that trains startups in advanced growth, helps you hire senior growth marketers, and finds you vetted growth agencies. He also writes at

Original Content podcast: Apple’s ‘Little America’ chooses uplift over anger

“Little America,” a new anthology series on Apple TV+, has been widely described as the best show on the fledging streaming service. Here on the Original Content podcast, we aren’t ready to go quite that far, particularly since a couple of us are big fans of “See.” But we were pretty impressed.

Sundance: In Miss Americana, Taylor Swift demotes the Internet

In nearly a decade of attending Sundance, I’ve never seen a scene like the premiere of the documentary Miss Americana, detailing the last year and a half or so of Taylor Swift’s life. The crowd before letting into the theater was huge,

Startups Weekly: Tech layoffs spread (a bit)

Are January layoffs just a few post-WeWork jitters? TechCrunch has found itself writing about layoffs at a few notable tech companies this week — and not just Softbank-backed ones. The focus is very much profits, as Alex Wilhelm summed up on Thursday,

Apple’s new parental controls can limit who kids can call, text and FaceTime and when

An update to Apple’s iOS operating system, out today, will give parents a new set of tools to fight back against kids’ iPhone addiction. With the release of iOS 13.3, parents will for the first time be able to set limits over who kids can talk to and text with during certain hours of the […]

Zetwerk, an 18-month-old Indian B2B marketplace for manufacturing items, raises $32M

Zetwerk, an Indian business-to-business marketplace for manufacturing items, has closed a significantly large financing round as it scales its operations in the nation and also helps local businesses find customers overseas.

Daily Crunch: Away’s CEO is stepping down

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Duolingo Launches In Asia, Updates Its iOS App

Duolingo, the popular language learning service, launched the latest update of its iOS app today. Version 4.0 includes a number of new features, but maybe most importantly, this update marks Duolingo's entry into Asia. Read More

必應搜索應用登陸Firefox OS

微軟在必應搜索上花的功夫可不少,尤其是在支持多平臺上,現在,微軟把必應搜索帶到了Mozilla公司的Firef […]

US Navy Wants Smart Robots With Morals, Ethics

coondoggie writes: "The U.S. Office of Naval Research this week offered a $7.5m grant to university researchers to develop robots with autonomous moral reasoning ability.


昨天,澳洲的許多蘋果用戶發現自己開啟了iCloud 的設備被黑客遠程劫持。這些劫持者甚至在屏幕上留下訊息:“想正常使用就給我打錢。”涉及的設備包括iPhone、iPad、Mac。

Amazon to launch subscription streaming service, Prime Music

Prime Music, which is currently US-only, forms part of the Amazon Prime annual subscription and launches with over a million songs available.Read more:



iPhone 6充電一年要多少錢? 47美分足夠了


文檔管理器GoodReader 已支持文本轉語音




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