Apple's iOS 13.3 update finally lets you disable those annoying Memoji stickers

Apple has released yet another iOS 13 update, and it addresses one of the more annoying issues to crop up with Apple's latest version of iOS.No, I'm not talking about the normal bug fixes or iOS 13's pesky memory management problems. I'm talking about an even bigger annoyance:

Dolly Parton is to thank for that 'LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder' meme

A profile picture can help set the tone of an entire social media page, which is why Dolly Parton wants to make sure we all choose our images wisely.On Tuesday, the iconic singer, songwriter, and actress shared four photos of herself taken throughout the years and wrote,

Upgrade to a Ring security camera and save $30 with this deal

TL;DR: Monitor your home at all times with a Ring security camera, on sale for $30 off via Amazon.What started out as a pitch on Shark Tank has now revolutionized how much control we have over our homesRing security cameras changed the way we keep track of our package arrivals,

From air fryers to pressure cookers, this Gourmia sale is super hot

Whether you spend all of your time there or avoid it at all costs, the kitchen is (at least historically) the heart of the home. And even if you fall into the latter category, there are easy ways to make it more bearable. Or, heck, maybe even enjoyable.Tip number one? Invest in quality appliances.

23 DIY electronics kits that make learning STEM super fun

Whether you love coming up with awesome inventions or are looking for a fun hobby that will challenge your brain, do-it-yourself electronics are a super entertaining way to build something cool while learning about engineering and science.It's like having your own grownup science fair,

'I Lost My Body' is the Netflix Oscar nominee you likely haven't seen, but need to

Very few animated features are allowed to even attempt the kind of emotional scope of Netflix's I Lost My Body. But the fact that this little French indie was nominated for a 2020 Best Animated Feature Oscar over a behemoth like Disney's Frozen II is testament to the success of its ambitions.?

Facial recognition to be rolled out in London amid privacy concerns

Live facial recognition (LFR) technology will be rolled out across specific locations across London, the Metropolitan Police Service has announced.?This will be the first time these cameras will be operational on the streets of the UK capital.

Sprint will fix cracked Samsung Galaxy screens for $49, even if you're not on Sprint

A broken smartphone screen typically equals a hefty repair fee — sometimes hefty enough to make you give up and buy a new phone.But Sprint has a pretty sweet, albeit limited, deal for anyone with a Samsung Galaxy device with a cracked screen.

Get a $30 Amazon video game credit when you buy the Nintendo Switch

TL;DR: Rock some neon blue and red Joy-Cons with this Nintendo Switch for $299, plus get a bonus $30 Amazon video game credit for a little something extra. The perfect gift for any gamer.The Nintendo Switch is hands-down the most popular portable gaming console around right now.

Sydney, engulfed in smoke, has a ghastly air quality problem

Iconic Sydney, choked in bushfire smoke, is swamped in some of the most atrocious air on Earth. At certain times of day, it is literally the worst.On Monday night, some areas in Australia's most populated city had air pollution levels, known as the Air Quality Index (or AQI),

Apple's $6,000 Mac Pro has $400 wheels. And yes, they cost extra.

Look, we get it. Sometimes you want your nachos on the go.?But when it comes to Apple's new $6,000 cheese-grater style Mac Pro, $400 wheels seem like kind of a bit much. And yet, as today's pre-order page reveals, that's exactly what they cost.?Now, importantly,



iOS 7出現最新惡意應用 可記錄Apple ID信息


Police Using Dogs To Sniff Out Computer Memory

First time accepted submitter FriendlySolipsist points out a story about Rhode Island Police using a dog to find hidden hard drives. The recent arrival of golden Labrador Thoreau makes Rhode Island the second state in the nation to have a police dog trained to sniff out hard drives,


嗨,你好!又見面了,我是上次woshiPM那個沒節操的組長。經歷過和CEO很多慘痛的回憶后,我又成功的打入了這 […]

Utah-based Kickstart Seed Fund Raises $39.2 Million

Early stage venture capital investors Kickstart Seed Fund announced today that it has raised a $39.2 million investment round from various Utah investors. This is the third round for the seed fund and one of the?larger rounds in Utah venture?capital history.


據《華爾街日報》報道,現在谷歌陷入了水深火熱之中,因為兒童與消費者倡導組織“無商業化童年運動(Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood)”和“數字民主中心(Center for Digital Democracy)”將它告上了美國聯邦貿易委員會(FTC),因為什么呢?




除了米 4c 的發布以外,今天小米媒體會的另一重磅消息,就是他們將以「小米移動」之名,正式殺入國內的虛擬運營商市場。

文章: 不可變層,不(僅僅)是基礎設施

不可變的基礎設施是一個有效的應用交付流程,但部署的過程會非常緩慢,且往往不能夠充分利用資源。每次應用更新就構建鏡像并創建新主機會導致每次部署都需要花費10分鐘甚至更多。 By Kevin Fishner Translated by 百占輝

男子贏下與蘋果的官司:Watch Sport將不能再“具備”抗沖擊性

據外媒AppleInsiders報道,當地時間周二,一位來自威爾士的男子贏下了一場與蘋果的官司。由于蘋果拒絕承認由其提供Apple Watch保修服務,于是該名男子以蘋果違反當地《商品銷售法》為由將其告上了法庭。現在,蘋果需要向這起案子的主人公Gareth Cross退掉Apple Watch Sport的款項--339英鎊--另外還要額外支付429英鎊的費用。

? 云聚網互聯網資訊 我要投稿 云聚網博客 7秒MCN大數據平臺 悠閑吧

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