‘Plundervolt’ attack breaches chip security with a shock to the system

Today's devices have been secured against innumerable software attacks, but a new exploit called Plundervolt uses distinctly physical means to compromise a chip's security. By fiddling with the actual amount of electricity being fed to the chip,

LA tech industry mourns Kobe Bryant

The Los Angeles startup community is joining the rest of the world in mourning the death of NBA superstar, entrepreneur and investor Kobe Bryant who was killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, Calif.,shortly before 10 a.m. on Sunday. Reports indicate that Bryant,

Currencycloud nabs $80M from Visa, World Bank Group and more for cross-border payment APIs

Sending money from one country to another — either because you are a business paying someone for a service, or a family member working abroad and sending money back home, or something in between — is a huge business, worth some $700 million annually. Today, a London startup called Currencycloud,

Technology is anthropology

The interesting thing about the technology business is that, most of the time, it’s not the technology that matters. What matters is how people react to it, and what new social norms they form. This is especially true in today’s era,

Gauging email success, invite-only app launches and other growth tactics

Julian Shapiro Contributor Share on Twitter Julian Shapiro is the founder of BellCurve.com, the growth marketing team that trains startups in advanced growth, helps you hire senior growth marketers, and finds you vetted growth agencies. He also writes at Julian.com.

Original Content podcast: Apple’s ‘Little America’ chooses uplift over anger

“Little America,” a new anthology series on Apple TV+, has been widely described as the best show on the fledging streaming service. Here on the Original Content podcast, we aren’t ready to go quite that far, particularly since a couple of us are big fans of “See.” But we were pretty impressed.

Sundance: In Miss Americana, Taylor Swift demotes the Internet

In nearly a decade of attending Sundance, I’ve never seen a scene like the premiere of the documentary Miss Americana, detailing the last year and a half or so of Taylor Swift’s life. The crowd before letting into the theater was huge,

Startups Weekly: Tech layoffs spread (a bit)

Are January layoffs just a few post-WeWork jitters? TechCrunch has found itself writing about layoffs at a few notable tech companies this week — and not just Softbank-backed ones. The focus is very much profits, as Alex Wilhelm summed up on Thursday,

Facebook’s video calling Portal devices add WhatsApp login, new features and content

Facebook is making its line of Portal-branded smart video calling devices more relevant to consumers, including those who don’t even have a Facebook account. The company today says its Portal family of products will now work with just a WhatsApp account,

Y Combinator will now run its online Startup School multiple times per year

Back in 2017, Y Combinator began offering a 10 week, once-a-year online course called Startup School. Part forum community and part video classroom, the program offers up a variety of lectures on topics like raising money or evaluating startup ideas,

Google Assistant gets a customized alarm, based on weather and time

Alarm clocks were one of the most obvious implementations since the introduction of the smart screen. Devices like Lenovo’s Smart Clock and the Amazon Echo Show 5 have demonstrated some interesting in the bedside display form factor, and Google has worked with the former the refine the experience.

Mario Testino時尚攝影作品

Mario Testino,時尚攝影師,1954年出生于秘魯,現居倫敦,官方網站:http://www.mariotestino.com/這組作品他與俄羅斯名模Sasha Pivovarova合作拍攝。

Religion Is Good For Your Brain

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes "Sheila M. Elred writes in Discovery Magazine that a recent study has found that people at risk of depression were much less vulnerable if they identified as religious.



ES6箭頭函數 - snandy

ES6可以使用“箭頭”(=>)定義函數,注意是函數,不要使用這種方式定義類(構造器)。一、語法1.具有一個參數的簡單函數var single = a => asingle('hello, world') // 'hello, world' 2.沒有參數的需要用在箭頭前加上小括號var log = ....

貫穿保險全產業鏈 騰邦國際金融多元化再添彩

深圳2015年6月15日電 /美通社/ -- 近年在互聯網金融掀起一波波浪潮的騰邦國際,于6月3日宣布并購深圳中沃保險經紀有限公司100%股權,正式獲得保險經紀業務牌照,與定增15.

20 people who totally get the ridiculousness of Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig's 'A Deadly Adoption'

Stop me if you've heard this one: A workaholic organic farm stand owner and tortured writer live a picture-perfect existence together in a small town lake house with their young daughterAll is pure bliss until Sarah and Robert Benson invite a young woman, Bridget, into their house.



21 Photos Of Funny Signs Are Good, Clean Fun

I promise, you have nothing better to do than look at these photos of funny signs, submitted for this week’s Shooting Challenge .Read more...

IE8的項目在IE11下 一些功能無法實現的解決方案 - yida_sen.ma

最近改了一些IE11下一些功能無法實現的項目,發現了有一些IE8下的方法 ,在IE11下被取消或者替代了,如下:1.JavaScript 運行時錯誤:

How Education Will Be Smarter, Less Intrusive, And Able To Respond To How You Feel

Impatience characterizes the technology sector’s approach to education. Disruption is taking place in all other sectors of society — so, why not education? I know too well, whether at Pearson or in the classroom,

? 云聚網互聯網資訊 我要投稿 云聚網博客 7秒MCN大數據平臺 悠閑吧

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