Cubyn raises €12M Series B to let e-merchants outsource fulfilment

Cubyn, the Paris-based logistics startup that lets e-merchants outsource fulfilment and delivery logistics, has raised €12 million in new funding. The round is led by DN Capital, with participation from Partech Ventures, 360 Capital Partners, BNP Paribas Developpement,

Original Content podcast: ‘Stranger Things 3’ has more monsters and more nostalgia

While “Stranger Things” is one of Netflix’s biggest hits, we’ve remained immune to some of its charms. On the latest episode of the Original Content podcast, we review the third season of the series — a.k.a.

Startups Weekly: 2019 VC spending may eclipse 2018 record

In this week's newsletter: When to seek VC backing, Lance Armstrong's VC career and Calm's big raise.

A 23-year-old B2B company has shown how keen India is for tech IPOs

Away from the limelight of the press and the frenzy of fundraising, a tech startup in India has achieved a feat that few of its peers have managed: going public. IndiaMART, the country’s largest online platform for selling products directly to businesses,

Mario creator Miyamoto counters cloud gaming hype (but don’t count Nintendo out)

Cloud gaming — however a company chooses to define that — is shaping up to be a big part of the next generation of consoles and other platforms. But Mario creator and Nintendo veteran Shigeru Miyamoto says his company won't be so quick to jump on the bandwagon.

This drone swarm spray painted a jumbo-size graffiti mural

It's Friday, so why not watch some good old-fashioned drone-powered graffiti? A design firm in Italy has put together a lovely little show that collected sketches from the art community and put them all together in a giant mural, painted over 12 hours by a team of drones.

Lance Armstrong’s Next Ventures targets $75M

Next Ventures' portfolio includes sleep and activity tracker Oura, smart muscle stimulation device PowerDot and others.

‘Apollo: Missions to the Moon’ brings the history of space exploration to life

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, National Geographic has plans for an entire Space Week of programming, kicking off Sunday night with the premiere of a new documentary called “Apollo: Missions to the Moon.” It’s a story that’s been told many times,


Hot startup Superhuman has been getting some ‘backlash’ as happens now and then when someone notices the precise methodology that a startup is using to enable a really freakin’ cool feature set. We’re well into stage 2 now when, inevitably, the backlash itself gets backlash.

Podimo raises €6M to become Europe’s ‘Netflix for podcasts’

Podimo, a Copenhagen-based startup building what it hopes will become Europe’s “Netflix for podcasts,” has raised €6 million in seed funding prior to launch. The round is co-led by Germany’s and Denmark’s Heartcore,

Despite Trump’s promised reprieve, Commerce Department tells staff to continue treating Huawei as bl

President Donald Trump recently promised to ease the ban on American companies doing business with Huawei, but the Commerce Department is requiring its staff to treat Huawei as if the blacklist is still in place, reports Reuters.

卡巴斯基免費送一年激活碼 XP用戶均可獲得








Lenovo Launches Motorola’s Moto Maker Customization Suite In China

Lenovo re-introduced Motorola smartphones to China in January, and now it has launched the Moto Maker customization service there too. Read More



Windows 10 How To: Turn off Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO)

If you’re one of the millions to have downloaded Windows 10 already there’s a feature in it that you may want to change. It's called?Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO) and includes peer to peer technology similar to that used for torrent file sharing.


不知道有沒有人疑惑過,鋼軌固定在軌枕上這種優異的結構,是不是從一開始就是這樣的。其實,最開始時候的軌枕(Ties,Crossties, Sleepers),還真不是今天這個樣子的。


上周,我們發了一篇《網絡時代的老年人:30 后、40 后的世界,我們愿意懂嗎?》的文章,介紹老年人的生活情景和消費心理。市面上,針對老年人的創業項目并不少,養護、清潔、智能硬件、電商,種種門類可見創業者們對這塊蛋糕的垂青。從人口規模來說,“老年人市場是下一片藍海”的說法并非夸大其詞;但是老年人對智能產品依賴性弱、生活習慣改變難度大、消費意愿不強等等,又讓不少該領域的創業者們喟嘆,老年人市場,“只是一片看上去很美的荒漠”。有錢又有閑的老年人,真的是互聯網時代的邊緣人嗎?讓我們聽聽創業者們怎么說。數據說話:老年人蛋糕究竟有多大?我國是世界上老年人口最多的國家。

Syria needs nearly $9 billion in humanitarian aid

AMMAN, Jordan — International aid to the victims of Syria's five-year war, including millions forced to flee their homes, has persistently fallen short, but organizers of Thursday's annual Syria pledging conference hope for greater generosity this time around,

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