Leaked 'Star Wars Episode VII' Set Footage Is Fake, But Still a Must-See

Sometimes fake leaked footage is convincing, and other times it's so unconvincing that it's only good for a laugh.

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Leaked 'Star Wars Episode VII' Set Footage Is Fake, But Still a Must-See

Sometimes fake leaked footage is convincing, and other times it's so unconvincing that it's only good for a laugh.

Fall Movie Guide: 30 Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies To Watch Out For

The summer movie season is over—but the biggest films of the year are still to come. This fall’s movies include some of the most long-awaited titles in history, but also some smaller films that could become instant classics.

Watch this very good dog invade a pro soccer match

Everybody loves a good sports dog. The world was particularly blessed on Sunday when a very good dog invaded a Turkish soccer pitch, trying to get in on the action.?

Jeff Bezos commits a cool $10 billion to fight climate change

Jeff Bezos is putting his money where his mouth is and donating $10 billion to fight climate change.Bezos made the stunning announcement in an Instagram post Monday afternoon, saying it's all part of the new Bezos Earth Fund. Succinct! View this post on Instagram Today,

Forget foldable phones: Leaked TCL images reveal slide-out screen

We're still trying to figure out how durable the Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr are but TCL is possibly working on a new style of phone that slides.The report comes from CNET, which published photos of the phone.

SpaceX juuust misses drone ship landing in otherwise successful mission

On Monday morning, SpaceX successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket as part of its fifth Starlink satellite mission — but the landing was a bit rough.With video streaming live, the Falcon 9 first stage appeared to miss the drone ship stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. Instead,

Airbus is testing a new aircraft that requires up to 20 percent less fuel

Flying is bad for the environment and its impact is expected to get even worse in the coming years. It's vital for aircraft manufacturers to come up with new solutions that reduce aviation's carbon footprint.?

Growing up (even with superpowers) ain't easy in Netflix's 'I Am Not Okay with This' trailer

It star Sophia Lillis leads Netflix's latest teen drawcard I Am Not Okay with This, as Sydney, a teen who has a bunch of stuff to deal with — crushes, family, superpowers.Based on the Charles Forsman graphic novel,

Creator of TikTok 'Renegade' dance steals the show at NBA All-Star Game

The NBA All-Star Game on Sunday was full of celebrity appearances, including TikTok star Jalaiah Harmon.Harmon, 14, is the teen responsible for the "Renegade" dance craze that's sweeping TikTok. The New York Times even did a feature on the teen.During a break in Sunday night's game,

President Harding's Steamy Love Notes to Be Revealed Online

Let this be a lesson to everyone: Your scandalous romantic activities are always at the mercy of the Internet, even in the 1900s.President Warren G. Harding, who promised Americans a "return to normalcy" in the 1920s,

TSA to U.S.-Bound Flyers: Turn On Your Cellphones Before Boarding

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has enacted a new rule that will require passengers to turn on their cellphones before boarding aircrafts at certain overseas airports slated for direct flights to the U.SPosted in a message on the agency's website on Sunday,

Mercedes-Benz Unveils Self-Driving 'Future Truck' on Germany's Autobahn

If the idea of a self-driving car strikes you as just another intriguing future tech trend that may never make it to the mainstream, put that thought out of your mind — the latest from Mercedes-Benz indicates that self-driving autos are here to stayDaimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz,



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Pumpkins, acrobats and the Obamas: trick-or-treating at the White House

President Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama welcomed trick-or-treaters to a traditional White House Halloween — complete with First Dog Bo and Sunny topiaries dressed as circus clownsSchoolchildren and military families from across the Washington, D.C.,


一張圖讀懂世界互聯網大會 您可能也喜歡的文章: 互聯網是如何誕生的?


笑天涯說:眾所周知,微信對騰訊來說必然是一座巨大的金礦。金礦怎么挖?廣告是營收的一大模式,微信信息流廣告恐怕即 […]

Kitten mistakenly becomes ducklings' mother, immediately regrets decision

Quack attack!This curious kitten hopped into a box full of ducklings and immediately realized her fate as she was quickly swarmed by a dozen feathered fuzzballs too young to have anything but love in their hearts.If there was a best way to go out,

Awesome animation is like a cross between Back to the Future?and Tron

If this video doesn't get you going, you're dead inside and we can't be friends. Florian Renner made this short animation, Retrowave, as an ode to the style of the 1980's. It basically combines the worlds of Back to the Future and Tron by turning the DeLorean into a Light Cycle on The Grid.

Norman Reedus proves he's a real-life hero during Comic-Con panel

SAN DEIGO — It turns out that Norman Reedus is more badass than anyone knewIn fact, he's a real-life heroSee also: Someone has a gun to Daryl's head in new 'Walking Dead' Season 6 trailerSitting on TV Guide's Fan Favorites panel Saturday afternoon,

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